Year in Review & Award Eligiblity

2017 has been weird.

Politically, the world is on fire, and I am constantly unable to tell whether or not headlines are satire or real life.

Personally, I’ve been doing really well. This marks the first time in six years that I’ve lived in a particular place for more than nine months. I’ve got a job in a field that I love (archives). I’m pursuing a lifelong dream and started applying to grad school, and it looks like I will be moving again this year, which was a big goal I was working towards. I submitted stories 49 times, which is up from last year, and got a lot of encouraging rejections as well as four sales. I wrote several things I love and several things that I do not love but which taught me something.

Speaking of stories, I also had six short stories come out this year that are award-eligible, and I’m eligible for the Campbell Award if you are so inclined. The complete list is on my Publications page above, but I would to draw your attention to my two favorites of the year.

“Extinctions” came out in the March/April issue of Shimmer and is very close to my heart. This story is about mothers and daughters and the weight of family history, and coming back to the place you grew up long after both you and it have changed. It’s also about hunting monsters.

“Last Long Night” is a flash fiction story that came out in April in Daily Science Fiction, about the horror of space, astronomical coincidences, and having hope when all hope seems lost. This is one of those stories that took me a long time to write (usually I draft things in one go, but this I picked away at over 2+ years) but now I love it.

I have some new goals for 2018, but I will probably write another post about those later. For now, happy New Year’s.



What I Did This Week Instead of Writing

This week I took a vacation to the east coast (Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts mainly). Luckily–or unluckily–it was also the week when my increasingly-unreliable Macbook finally gave up the ghost. No writing got done, but I had a great time. Below are some of the stops I made along the way.

The Corning Museum of Glass has an exhibit going on right now featuring marine life done by the Blaschkas, a pair of German glass artists who produced replicas of biological specimens to fragile to be preserved in the mid-19th century. The specimens are utterly beautiful, and a little bit creepy in how accurate they are to the real thing.

(Images and more stops below the cut)

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Writing Update (with Sales!)

Folks, it has been a hell of a summer.

Short Fiction News

2016 is the first year where I’ve tried actually submitting things in any systemic way. In 2015, I finally hit a point where I could look at my finished writing and feel emotions other than frustration. There’s still a lot I’d like to improve on in my writing, but I felt like I’d reached a point where I’d be happy to see my stuff out in the wild.

And (drum roll please) I’ve sold two pieces!

My weird, second-person-POV monster hunter story “Extinctions” will be appearing in Shimmer, and my  motherhood in multiple dimensions story “Seven Permutations of My Daughter” will be appearing in Lightspeed. I’ve been reading the stories in these magazines for a long time, and they’re both on my “dream markets” list. I’m honestly still in a bit of shock.

Anyway, watch for these pieces, which will be out sometime before the inevitable heat-death of the universe.


Numbers to Satisfy My Inner Rejectomancy Nerd*

So far in 2016, I’ve made 27 submissions. One of those is technically from December 2015, but since I didn’t hear back on it until well into 2016, I’m counting it as this year. I sent seven pieces out into the big wide world and got about an even split between encouraging personals and somewhat less encouraging form rejections.

Interestingly, the sales are my oldest piece and one of my newest. My word processor informs me that “Extinctions” was written in October 2014, while “Seven Permutations” was finished in May of this year. They’re also two of my longest pieces, which doesn’t tell me much beyond “fiction between 1000 and 2000 words is hard to sell” which I already knew.

In the interest of recording totally useless statistics, “Extinctions” was rejected four times before acceptance and “Seven Permutations” three times.

Other Projects

I am shamefully behind on novel writing. Novels for me take a kind of highly focused attention that I don’t have right now. I have written a bit on Untitled Project #1 (“lesbian knight YA epic fantasy”) but Project #2 (“detective solves mystery in post-magical-apocalypse Philadelphia”) really needs a full outline and god, I just hate outlining.

I’ve also got two longer projects in the very beginning stages, which means I mull them over in my brain occasionally.

In short fiction, I’ve got one old story I’d like to see if I can polish up, as my other stories are all out on submission right now. This seemed like a quick project, but as I got into it I realized that I’ll probably have to rewrite most of it. The bones are there, but I’ve grown a lot as a writer in the three years since the first draft.

Here’s hoping life stays interesting.


*I gotta say, I really like the numbers part of this business. The Submissions Grinder has really gamified the whole process for me. Every time I get a rejection I get all excited to update my counts.